Castle Climb

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Castle Climb

Salzburg, Austria

It was a headlining Trivium date in Salzburg, where I decided that I wanted to get out and see some sights. I awoke and headed into the venue for some really nice homemade lunch catering (a rare occurrence); I met the promoter of the show and asked what I should be doing in Salzburg (since it was my first time in the city). Mozart's childhood home was here, as well as a castle sort of past the city - castle it would be. 

I asked my band mates who would be keen on a walk into town for a bite and some sightseeing: a couple (typical) "no" answers, and a slow-start-to-another's-day weren't holding me back: solo expedition it would be. I just walked towards the mountains that I saw in the distance and followed whatever road my path would take me on. I felt all Lord-Of-The-Ringsy in this old medieval looking town… there's something extra fantastic about an old castle when you live in the States; we just don't have castles like the one I saw peering at me from the top of the village.

It took several hours of at first - streets and roads; into back roads and tiny stair cases past little village homes; then the uphill dirt and stone trek up into the castle gates. I eventually made my way into the castle, then higher - and just enjoyed the sights and the fresh air. It was a good adventure for the day.

I met up with Paolo and one of his friends from Italy and we headed to search for food and beer. I rarely ever write about the bummer restaurants… but here was one: Sternbrau. I didn't do my research, I didn't ask locals, I didn't do it right. Sternbrau was a large, touristy spot with touristy versions of local-cuisine. I had a Gasteiner and Schnitzel. Bum out. Simply put. Gone was the care and love of the Schnitzel from the night before at the grandma-style restaurant I shared with friends of Trivium… no good.

The show ended up fantastic and we felt like celebrating. Post show and shower, there were still a bunch of people from the show - so we figured we'd do it right this time. We asked our friends outside where we ought to go for a proper beer - they soon led the way. So there we were, most of our band and crew and maybe 10 or so people from the show, all on a path to Bricks for some drinks. I drank Zipfers and chatted with our new drinking partners, all getting to know each other and chatting music and each other's lives and such. It was a great way of getting to know some new friends across the globe. 

Naturally, after a night of one-too-many-pints, it's that mystery street-meat that one craves. Heisse Kiste seemed to be the resounding response from our local sources. Like a beacon in a storm was the little Euro-food-truck for the drunken, hungry metal-heads. Its specialty? Meat in tube form, served with a hunk of that delicious Austrian mustard, and a nice hard roll. Everyone threw back their beers and dined on their meat, all the while with Salzburg's castle sleeping in the skyline - one eye open, jealous of our meat-feast.