Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C.

Fojol Bros. Of Merlindia

Washington, D.C. was an intensely quick stop as far as show and food went. Due to a parking issue at the venue we were playing at, we needed show up pretty late (around 2pm or so) - and that's not something I like to do. 

I like to wake up in the bus (around 11, 11:30, maybe noon) and be parked, slid out, and at the gig. Yes, I am blessed to be in a bus… it took many many years living out of a van to get it - however, in my humble opinion, nothing stinks more than waking up in a moving bus and still having several hours drive (or in this case: hours drive left and time to kill at a rest stop) to go. So we park up, get situated, then Paolo and I head off to meet up with one of my friends from high school.

Having only been in the area surrounding the 9:30 club and having not been in that area for 5-7 years or so - I wasn't sure what Washington's deal with food was. My friend Becca quickly informed us that the food truck scene had been picking up some steam - and their stuff outta be pretty killer. 

Only a minor hike out the parking area, and there it was - Fojol Bros. Of Merlindia. An Indian/Middle Eastern truck is Fojol. - serving the always-craved staples like Lentil Curry, Buttered Chicken and even a Pumpkin Curry. There was a hell of a line at the time - so we knew it'd be good. During the wait, there was a hula-hoop competition of sorts… basically, if you hula-hooped in front of the truck and line, you'd get a Mango Lassi-ish Popsicle. I won't even dance in front of people - so I was out… DJ PFG? He was down. 

After a stellar hip wiggle for a few minutes, the champion received his prize - an insanely delicious Mango-Pop. Also the healthy gentlemen, Paolo had a bite and gave me the rest (such a good food-boyfriend, right?). I went for Chicken Curry, Lentils, Potatoes and Cauliflower - all served on rice. Man was this stuff good. As good as anything you'd ever want in a legit Indian place - only out of a truck… and fast. 

The only other food adventure I was able to have that day (due to early show up and having to immediately vacate post-performance due to "parking") was Pret A Manger. That's a British, healthy-sandwiches/ salads/ soups company that has a very select few of their franchises off of the Queen's-isle. 

If you gotta go chain… Pret is a damn good thing. All hormone free, free range meats and eggs - healthy bits… but also fun, unhealthy, non-chemical crisps and cookies and yummy fat-kid stuff. 

D.C. did it right in those two bites. I'll be back for a proper supper.