My name is Matthew Kiichi Heafy.

I create and perform music, eat (a lot) and drink (a bit), attempt to create visual art by means of photography, and try to coherently and accurately recite tales of my constant-state-of-motion, traveling around the globe by means of writing. 

The priorities of my life are family, friends, food (and good booze that goes with that food), and music (yes - a distant third even for a professional musician). 

It was family and friends that pushed me to take my passion for food (and incessant talking about food) to the next level by documenting some of the great things I get to consume on my many trips around the world. When that documentation starting creating something of a following - it soon became time to take that to the next level.

Kiichi Chaos is the amalgamation of the many ideas I have ceaselessly swimming around in my head. A one-stop-shop (if you will) that will be home to food/drink/travel/general-rambling writing, photography, music-blogging (something that I am pretty sure doesn't exist yet, but will be the same idea as food/photo-blogging, only with original music that lives on it's own - separate from any musical "project"), scoring, and basically a platform that combines all avenues of social networking that is "me" on one-neatly collected (fabulously, minimally designed) website.

By day - I hunt (with thick-spectacles) for the best, local, indigenous things to eat no matter where I am in the world; by night (6-8-10 months out of the year) - I perform music with some of the greatest people I could ever imagine sharing a stage with, partying with some of the most devout, loyal friends and fans I could ever ask for around the world - in the internationally-succesful band, Trivium. 

When I'm not out and about, eating and drinking all the resources a town or country has to offer, I am at home with my wife Ashley and my dog Miyuki-chan - cooking and making drinks and sweets and having fun with family and friends. When we cook at home - it's all about learning to make the fundamentals of everything... I've only recently gotten into cooking, but I want to venture into making everything: sausages and charcuteries, to beers and classic cocktails, to breads and pickles and stocks and demi glace and really whatever else sounds really difficult and fun. 

I'm constantly trying to capture a moment-in-time of where I am and how I am feeling with the non-food-based photography; music and songs and ideas for musical projects and non-projects are on draught with me; and writing is quickly becoming a passion for me (although my writing skills are purely at a conversational-level... at best - but heck - still fun). 

So I hope this home-base for most things me is something entertaining at the least for everyone. I truly enjoy being able to jot down these ever-flowing ideas and experiences for others to enjoy with me. 


- Kiichi.