I am very bad with social networking sites… I do not know how to use face book. But this is me making an effort!

As of now, the intention of this tumblr is mainly to be a food blog.

I love food as everyone knows, and food is my favorite thing in the world next to family (music comes in a close 3rd place to the latter 2), so I felt this a good outlet to show you some of my adventures.

I love all culture’s cuisines; I will try anything that a country or regional population eats. I am not into pretentious food, snobbery, or science-pseudo-Tom-foolery in the kitchen.

I am into what is traditional, local, and current at the same time with food. I like my food with one main ingredient: heart (well… That too)…

I know food like I know music.

I am not formally trained. I don’t know how to properly describe, cook, eat, sniff, or taste - I just go back to the basic roots of being a human (the same way I do music): stop thinking about it, and just doing it.

I hope you enjoy.