japan foodblog to begin soon!

it’ll start up soon!

just a forewarning again. these are all iphone photos. i tossed around the idea of buying a small camera, or a high quality one ala ashley/jonpaul; but i decided i would never really want to carry it.

so hopefully the pictures are still entertaining; the food and drink and locational photos i have were all very fun to consume and enjoy.

so once i have some wifi on my phone (i prefer tumblring on my phone) i’ll be posting some adventures.

heck… maybe i’ll do em on my comp (i can post more pictures).

but yes - now that caveat is out of the way… perhaps travel channel will pick me up some year for a show and buy me a real camera. haha.

and yes- japan is still the greatest place in the world to visit. i don’t dig on living in cities typically, but i could pull of living in shibuya without a doubt.